Time is sharpening its blade
To slaughter my unsound soul
Trapped in this maze of regrets
Leads me to ways of my dark core

Wind of my soul
Come even closer to keep my fragile peace alive
Breathe into me your vivid dreams
Exile the delusion all around

My eyes filled with tears
I can’t keep fighting these fears
My thoughts are cut in half and my hands are bleeding

The pendulum keeps singing its song
I’m feeling its breath in my bones

Hunt in the dark while walls keep rising around me
Before the time finds me I have to find
The missing stone

To complete what’s broken in me
To heal what has been infected
To answer the call of the child
Hurt in the deep

Would you turn your back and walk away from my wounds?
Could you dare to see what you have done to my soul?

Your soul is mine
I have created you
You’re nothing divine
I will break you

DO_CD cover_PSD_2

You’re trying too hard to prove yourself
All those things you do, all your endeavours in vain
First you need to believe yourself
Cause no one will be there forever to hold your hand

Life is not easy as you want it to be
You should think before you act
Every word you say, every step you take
Beyond the greed there will be no gain
Only tears and loneliness for you

Leave behind your ambitions
Make a self-confession
That you’ve wasted your time
End your inner trials
All your denials will not set you free

Listen to your heart, redesign yourself
All those wars and fights still keep going in your mind
First you need to accept yourself
Cause no one will be there forever to take the blame

Keep your hands away from me
And from the one that I adore
You were ignored so long before
I still hear your voice keeps growling
Dark words in despair and hate
But you’ll be smashed by your own lies

Someday sun will rise back upon my dreams will shine
They will see the blood on your hands
And your dagger still in my back.

I named you HAIN
Keep digging pits, I’m on my way
Pray to Gods to stop my heart
With your dark poisoned melodies
HAIN Keep wasting time to set your traps

I won’ t give to play my part
Until the day your heart is in my hands

You took a step too far this time
You passed the point of no return
Now it’s time to face the facts

Someday sea will rise to swallow you and your allies
They all will see the black of your heart
And my blood is still on your hands

Top of a mountain I’m sitting alone
There is no familiar face to talk
Just a movie in my mind full of betrayals
It doesn’ t matter anymore

If I’m still breathing or dead since you left me
I’m drowning in my tears

Soon I’ll be gone

Come save me from this dark paradise
Rivers of tears
I’m stuck into this nightmare

No sound no light out there
Stop this everstorm in me
Bring the peace back in my heart

Deep down of this hell in my heart
You are locked in a cage within flames

No one can, no one will dare to touch
You’re mine

I’m feeling you are here with me
But some nights you were lost

Feeling your hands over my chest
Do you feel how the storm change into a breeze

Conquer my soul, my heart is yours forever
My pleading heart is in your hands and I will give my last breath
in your arms to forever

This will not last

Defend and brace yourself, my rage forever
Will chase you and I will keep holding your last breath in my hands
Till my pain’s gone forever
This will not pass

You want to bloom but don’ t see sun has gone and night’s begun

How many times I should die
To rise back in your arms ?
And feel your heart beats on my skin once again
How many times I should get

Lost in dark streets of your mind ?
To find my way back to your arms where my sun rises

Still I keep my last words but not forever
That will free me from you and your never ending cold war
Don’ t believe that forever I’ll be your slave 

You trying to feel sweet summer breeze in my frozen heart 

Please be my shining starlight
Illuminate the blind corners of my mind
Don’ t take your eyes off me
And encourage my heart

Please be my shining starlight
Don’ t hide behind the dark clouds of the night
Stay there steady as the sea
Show me the way to our love

Don’ t leave me alone in the night
I need you here, in my life
Please open your misty veil
I can’ t live without your divine light
Something’s breaking in my chest
When you go so far
Please let me touch to your heart
I can’ t live without your divine light

Please spread your light blue wings
On my dark and cloudy sky of winter nights
Blow warmth to my face
And fire up the flames

You said “NO!” to me and to love
Exiled me far away from your heart
I felt down to a deep silent sleep
Still dreaming and no one can wake me up

I did not ask
To live the whole story from the start
My only wish, a last kiss to devote to the last dance of my life

Meet me in the middle of our jungle for one last dance

I am the ghost who’ll keep singing in your dreams,
Painted in green, covered by the leaves
Then the flames of your angry soul will destroy all of these

I took a step to run away from this labyrinth, from this cage
You locked me in to darkest cell
Of your cold World, of your deep hell

I’m still waiting, let me in to deep down of your heaven dreams
My hands are tide, my eyes are blinded
By total eclipse in your eyes

Drag me to the deepest floor of your dungeon for one last dance

I’m your prisoner who’ll keep bleeding for your dark wish,
Painted in red, covered by your sins
Then the flames from your angry soul will destroy all of these

I’ll keep singing in your dreams,
Painted in green, covered by the leaves
Then the flames of your angry soul will destroy all of these
I’ll keep bleeding for your dark wish,
Painted in red, covered by your sins
Then the flames from your angry soul will destroy all of me

Keep holding onto beliefs and prayers
Until the day that you’ll face they can not save your souls
We’ll never leave to search for the answers
Until the day that we’ll find and no one will deny

We are journeying to somewhere untouched
We are searching for some answers right
We can not know the secret
what lies beneath the waves of the sands and crawls
Can you hear the huricane is coming, a step behind…

Do you see?
There’s a cage to imprison your inner curiosities into unabated madness

If you think there’s a way to run away and save your souls
Then you’ll find yourself into unattended, helpless

Riding our horses to somewhere untouched
We will fight for the sake of our rights
Wheels are turning and building an endless throne at the blue cradle of the clouds
Gates of the cage are now wide opened up to embrace your hearts…

We are searching for some answers right
Riding our horses to somewhere untouched

Listen to the song that through the wind
La loba is walking on the desert
Souls are dancing with fire
Night is starting
Gates are opening between the life and death

While you walk on the golden waves at sunset
If you’re tired or lost,
She will find you on sands
And show you a magic from her Wolfheart

Listen to the voices in the wind
La loba is singing to the bones
Souls are finding their shells

Night is ending
Howlings rising from the heart of renascent

I could do a lot just because you want me to,
But I will never change myself for you
This was the last time, my final fight for you
I’m tired of living on the edge of your eyes

Maybe I’ll cry so hard
There will be lonely nights
We’re lost in your nightmare
Tell me, how did we come so far?

Never enough, never enough
Dreams are not enough for you
In your tangled mind keep creating your hell!
Never enough, never enough
Colors are not enough for you
In your hollow heart,
Keep digging deep till you fall down!

The child in me is still holding my hand
I feel strong as I never was before

I will ease my own pain
Will be me once again
We’re lost in your nightmare
Tell me how to get out of here…

Here I live my dreams in my land of
my wishes and my needs
I chose the time when to love you
when to leave you, when to hurt you
This love is a burden and I can’ t keep holding on
Never good enough, NO, not enough! Never enough for me

Never enough my love,
my endeavours for you
My wishes and my needs
Here I live only my dreams
Never will be satisfied your wishes,

your greed!
I chose the time when to run!
Now leave me be! 

Northern lights painting
another dream tonight
Dancing all colors of
wishes and memories
Northern lights showing
another face of paradise
Trying to draw your eyes
There is no lie, no lines…

Give me a shelter in your heart,
hear my soul
Let me sleep one more night
in your arms AURORA

Singing for you tonight,
Let me walk in the light
I will not close my eyes until the sunrise
No song will wake me up after tonight
Let me sleep in the White
Unveil your face my AURORA

Indistinct memories, forgotten poems,
A voice is calling through deep childhood days
Our romantic tale buried into ashes
Nothing remained behind
Just a song in my head 

No wind can wipe it, No rain can abrade
Ancient and weary, living inside of me
Remembrance of our agony

Cut my tree of life, make me bleed
Till my last leaf dries and flies away
When you turn back to your dark sleep
You’ll find it growing back into the green 

No wind can wipe it, No rain can abrade
Ancient and weary living inside of me
Remembrance or our agony 

Hear my song under the same old sky
Till your heart leads you back to my shores
When you find your compass to sail,
you’ll hear it there playing in the waves 

If the darkness comes
Like the serpent’s kiss
Surrender to the storm and drown in your sins
to reborn in purity 

My hands will be my eyes tonight
In this deep dark dream ocean I’ll disappear
I will chase my long lost fantasies tonight
Every door open to me
I will swim in the sea of memories till I find you

When you open your eyes I will be there waiting for you
To celebrate your rebirth with colors and to lead you
Into the forest in Island of Dreams,
Where your fears are gone and dreams will come true
Dare to enter

Come with me follow the stars
I will take you to the Island of Dreams
Dead love will rise for one last dance
With the lost memories
Dare to enter and chase your fears

All the colors of forest will revive you
Hold your breath to dive into your dreams coming true
Every single finger prints on your heart defines you
Don’ t let the dark to touch your heart and love this time

Dare to chase away your fears
Hold your breath and dive in dreams

Dare to chase away your fears
Hold your breath and dive in your dreams